Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Genghis Grill

Sorry for not posting in a while buds, but recently I have been to an amazing restaurant in Hoover called "Genghis Grill". Its Mongolian/Asian food, you get any meat (protein) that you want. Then, you pick seasoning to put on it, then you get your vegetables and sauce. It is the most amazing Asian food ever. Make sure to get an egg and fried rice and noodles with it. Pile up a mountain of food and you can take the rest home too! Its now one of my favorite restaurants in Birmingham.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sammy Sandwich Shop

One of the best burgers in town! They were in the top five for the readers choice and judges poll of the Best Burger in Town 2011 contest! If you want to feel like your at home with momma cooking for you then come on down to Woodlawn and try out Sammy's Sandwich Shop. Great service, you actually know the name of who cooks your food, Johnny. Its a great little place to go for lunch, but the downside is they are only open on weekdays and close at 3pm.

Anyway, the burger is GREAT! It is fresh beef cooked to perfection and if you get it all the way then you are in for a surprise, it might be hard to eat at first but that's what napkins are for. If you just want a juicy home-style cookin burger then Sammy's Sandwich Shop is the place to go.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pinches Tacos

I went to Pinches a few days ago and had some of the best food I have ever eaten. I ordered a soft chicken taco and a steak taco. Both were amazing. But, the chicken was better. The seasoning on it was the best I ever had and the corn tortilla was actually better than a flour tortilla. The steak was good as well. Then I got a Mexican Corn on the Cob. It was corn with chili powder, cream sauce, and butter on it. It has a strange taste but it was good eats. I would defiantly go back here for some more dishes or tacos. Im rating it 5 soft tacos out of 5 soft tacos.
Soft tacos (click to make bigger)
Mexican Corn on the Cob

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Momma Goldberg's in Inverness

Ahh. I LOVE Momma Goldberg's Deli. It originated in Auburn, AL and home to the Auburn Tigers. Its a great Alabama tradition. The one in Auburn cant be beat. But, this one is close to home and the same great tastes. No matter what you order you need to get the steamed nachos. Doritos with pepper jack cheese steamed on top is a great idea and the BEST way to make nachos. As far as sandwiches go, you cant go wrong with the Momma's Love. A classic. It has: Roast beef, ham, hickory smoked turkey, and munster cheese on a hoagie bun. I also like the Gobbler and Chicken Breast Bagel. This place is a great place with outdoor dining and TV's for watching the game as well.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lyric Hot Dogs

Another great hot-dog restaurant in downtown B-Ham. Its a little bigger than Pete's thankfully. Lyric hot dogs are almost the same as Pete's Famous, I would suggest the all-the-way dog here. The special meat is not that amazing. But their dogs look decent and are tasty as well. They also have a great sauce to top it all off with. They have booths and stool's and even managed to pull off a TV, so if you're looking for a nice place to sit down and have a dog, here's a great place.

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Pete's Famous Hot Dogs

Driving on down 2nd Ave North we saw a little alleyway with a restaurant in between two buildings. It was Pete's Famous Hot Dogs. We went inside and it was about 5 feet wide. You have to get the classic "Special All the Way" Dog. Topped with meat, sauce, onions, mustard, and kraut. Did not look very appealing but the taste soon made up for that. You also need to get the 12 oz. grapico a.k.a. "wine in a bottle" and some Alabama made Golden Flake chips.

The Special Dog All the Way was a great tasting hot dog. With the crunch of the amazing onions and the great sauce it was a superb hot-dog and I highly reccomend it to all the hot-dog loving fans.
Special Dog All-the-Way, Grapico, and Golden Flake

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